A Soundtrack To Winter Days

Tue Oct 15 2019

Summer has officially come to an end and for a lot of us, it’s a season of change and new beginnings. Most will be settling down to the unfamiliar scent of university halls, planning projects and ideas to carry out before the end of yet another year, or even just resuming business as usual. As […]

Anna Stine Highlights The Importance Of Music Therapy

Tue Jul 09 2019

Anna Stine is first and foremost a music therapist, a sentiment which is echoed in the calming quality and transformative themes of her music. Following her debut album ‘Company of Now’, released late last year, Anna Stine rereleases the track ‘There I’ll Go’, accompanied by a landscape led music video. This midwestern artist is glued […]

The Ultimate Playlists for Summer 2019

Tue Jun 04 2019

Summer is here — finally. And that can only mean one thing: hanging out with friends and family outside in the glorious summer weather. If you’ve prepped for summer correctly, you’ll already have the perfect bathing suit picked out, the weekend road trip plans booked, and of course, you’re dreaming about all the al fresco […]

Surviving The Great Escape Festival 2019

Mon May 20 2019

Each year sees the music industry taking a long weekend in May to take over the coastal city of Brighton. Drinking copious amounts of their chosen poison and networking like never before, you can queue to watch the hottest tipped acts of the music industry from the U.K. and more. This weekend is known as […]

The 5 Best Songs to Play at Your Couple’s Dinner Party

Wed May 15 2019

It’s Saturday night, all of your best paired-off friends are headed to your new luxury condo in the heart of town for a couples-only dinner party — and to check out your new digs. You’ve prepared Ina Garten’s latest recipe and smashed potatoes with parm and chives, your house is impeccable, the lighting is perfect. […]

I Believe Filming Shows Is Killing Live Music. Here’s Why

Tue Apr 16 2019

I recently watched John Berger’s BAFTA award-winning BBC series “Ways of Seeing” which discussed the invention of the camera, and it’s effects on the viewing of European paintings. Although a quite slow piece, it contained some very interesting ideas and observations such as this: “Perspective makes the eye the centre of the visible world, but […]

Photo Diary Of Youth Music’s Aurora Gig

Wed Apr 10 2019

Monday night The Courtyard Theatre in London saw to one night of Youth Music’s Give A Gig week with a flagship show performance from Aurora, the Norwegian singer, and songwriter as well as Rhys Lewis and Natalie McCool. Monday 8th April 2019, 19:24: With tickets being given through a prize draw, the queues for the […]

Sam Fender Delivers A Unique Cover Of Ariana Grande’s Smash Hit

Mon Mar 25 2019

I did not know much about Sam Fender apart from that he was announced Brits Critics’ Choice Award Winner 2019, alongside artists such as Khalid and Sigrid. So when his rendition of Ariana Grande’s hit ‘Break up with your girlfriend… I’m Bored’ came up on my suggested videos I was intrigued. I wondered what an […]

Can A Violin Be Played with a Bow?

Mon Mar 25 2019

When you play the guitar, you strum on the strings in order to produce a sound. You can strum the violin strings, too. But you need to use a bow so that you can successfully create the right melodies and rhythms. You call that “strumming” technique pizzicato when playing violin and other stringed instruments. Different […]

The Top 5 Best 2019 Grammy Performances

Mon Feb 25 2019

We’re already deep into awards season. You may have noticed a bevy of invites to friends’ parties where everyone gathers in a luxury condo and watches TV to see who won and who lost. This time of year is full of glitz and glamor as celebs from Hollywood to the music industry strut the red […]

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