OSHENS LIVEAlt-Indie Rock band OSHENS has released two catchy singles this year – ‘beach slutz’ and ‘Glue’. Collectively from Mexico, Germany, France, Austria, and Brighton the eclectic London-based outfit blends various genres to create their own distinctive sound. Consisting of Hugo, Romain, Lenader, Simon, and Steph the band describe their sound as ‘Beach Punk’.

‘beach slutz’ certainly has an upbeat summery feel with a retro guitar pop-rock feel. You’ll be singing along to the lyrics, “stuck on a beach, with love out of reach, oh I’m telling you, I choose to be up to no good.

‘Glue’ is also feel-good with a carefree, fearless attitude and rollicking instrumentals.

OSHENS has performed in renowned London venues including The Troubadour, Spice of Life and Notting Hill Arts Club. You can tell OSHENS love what they do and they fill their music with much energy and enthusiasm.

We can look forward to OSHENS’ ‘Demo(n)s EP’ later this year.