A Multitude Of Influences From BRKE With Latest Track ‘Control Me’

by Malvika Padin

13th June, 2018

With silky vocals and an eclectic sound, singer BRKE (pronounced Brooke) delivers a music video for her sultry new track ‘Control Me’.

Merging the worlds of Hip Hop, Afro-swing, and Grime, as well as influences from 90’s to early 00’s R&B, the track reflects these inspirations seamlessly both in audio and the film-like visuals. BRKE also expresses individuality and a determined attitude both in this new track and previous single ‘Cupid’.

As BRKE herself says, “I just want my story to be heard”. Well, we’re certainly listening to this rising UK artist.

Having had over a million views on YouTube for previous single ‘Cupid’, BRKE adds to her rising popularity with ‘Control Me’.

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