A Multitude Of Influences From BRKE With Latest Track ‘Control Me’

Wed Jun 13 2018

With silky vocals and an eclectic sound, singer BRKE (pronounced Brooke) delivers a music video for her sultry new track ‘Control Me’. Merging the worlds of Hip Hop, Afro-swing, and Grime, as well as influences from 90’s to early 00’s R&B, the track reflects these inspirations seamlessly both in audio and the film-like visuals. BRKE also expresses […]

An Introduction To Afro Swing

Fri May 11 2018

The evolutionary nature of London’s underground music scene holds an impressive history. Whether it be the beginnings of UK punk back on King’s Road in the 1970s with the nihilistic riot of the Sex Pistols, or the early 2000s arrival of Grime from the grit of inner-city life, London is responsible for the creation of […]

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