Xelli Island Has Outdone Herself With 02 20 20

If you want a catchy, toe-tapping, and addictive song this summer then just think of 6 numbers. 02 20 20 is the new track from Xelli Island and it ticks all the boxes above with its glittering electro-pop qualities steeped in nostalgia. Xelli Island has outdone herself with a track that screams sync licensing.

“’02 20 20′ was written during a really unique peak of momentum in my life, earlier this year. It’s about experiencing serendipity. I was adjusting to a new routine and thinking about the millions of little things that have to work properly in order for anything to happen…” – Xelli Island

Xelli Island is the independent project of music artist Lianna Vanicelli who works closely with producer and long-time friend Jon Zott.

02 20 20 is the first single from Xelli Island’s debut EP set for release later this year.

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