Kat Koan

Take me away, save me from being numb

Kat Koan introduces her new single and music video ‘ WHITE’ and she exclaims it’s her favourite tune so far. The Berlin-based artist enjoys making music that releases not just her passions and pent up emotion but the listeners too. ‘WHITE’ is a little moody and gritty and gets under your skin with its dark, ominous electronic layers and Koan’s haunting vocals.

‘ WHITE ‘ is about the feelings you get when you first meet that special someone after a period of feeling emotionally numb. Kat Koan delivers these feelings and more through the song and the artistic visuals – the tension, desire, raw passion, and eventual release and letting go.

“And it is blowing my mind to see,
how much you’re savouring the taste of me,
I’m all messed up, poison to the core,
I want more and more,
Take me away, save me from being numb,
control me and I will succumb,
I’m all messed up, poison to the core,
I want more and more”

Kat Koan comments on ‘ WHITE’ and what it means to her, “I’m currently on a quest.. exploring the many facets of intimacy, pleasure, and pain. It’s nothing new, I know.. but for me, things changed quite drastically after becoming a mother. It’s an amazing process to re-discover certain emotions and feelings now, to get back in touch with my senses and to evolve into a whole new version of myself. Expressing it all in a direct and non-flowery way is potent and cathartic, so I’m glad this song turned out quite intense and ‘visual’ somehow”.

‘ WHITE’ is out now.