Premiere: ‘Silly Me’ Is Kat Koan’s Angst Fuelled Slice Of Retro

by Lucy Lerner

30th August, 2019

“I’m a bit of an all or nothing person” – KAT KOAN

Mess with KAT KOAN if you dare. Her new single ‘Silly Me’ taken from her forthcoming debut EP ‘Lustfire’ is an angst fuelled number coated with a disco-flavoured retro gloss.

‘Silly Me’ opens with an ominous tone then Kat delivers her punchy lyrics with a snarl and a hint of a smile:

“You want to feel me, you want to feel the things that you can’t feel with your wife,
And I believed you when you said you want me in your life,
Fraternity, Silly me”

F**k you, f**k you”

It’s a quirky masterpiece which will linger long in your mind.

KAT KOAN is a Berlin-based experimental visual artist, producer, and musician who is known for her fusion of new wave, post-punk, techno, and pop. Most people don’t have the energy to do much after a burnout, especially one which caused Koan not to sleep but instead push her to create more visual art. She now spends her evenings writing, filming and recording. Working with UK Producer Alex Lavery has inspired her further and they combine each other’s influences and experiences from hometowns Berlin and London.

Koan’s recent release ‘At Your Service’, is about the world of A.I. and the relationship between humans and robots – not just the technological aspect but also the emotional. She explains, “We’ve recently seen the launch of robots designed to provide humans with companionship and intimacy, using self-learning algorithms to engage their partner’s brain and emotions. How will that affect human relationships? Will we end up having unrealistic expectations of human partners? Will we be able to develop feelings towards humanoid robots?

Koan’s debut EP ‘Lustfire’ will be released in August and she says, “the words literally poured out of me. It’s a fairly frank expression of what I want out of a physical relationship. I’m a bit of an all or nothing person. I believe you get out what you put in, so investing emotionally and physically in your partner is likely to ignite a fire and stoke up the flames. I felt the urge not to be too flowery but to say it straight out and not hold back. Musically we wanted to make a track that keeps rising in intensity, comparable to a raging fire”.

‘Silly Me’ is out on 1st August and ‘Lustfire’ will be released on 2nd August 2019.

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