‘It Rains’ is the gorgeous debut single and music video from Archie Faulks. The visuals portray Archie in a deserted school as two dancers perform around him.

Archie Faulks first came to light under the moniker Tenterhook in which he enjoyed much success over the course of two EPs, which spawned radio hits, saw him become a worldwide No.1 on Hype Machine, and clock up millions of plays on Spotify. He returns now with ‘It Rains’ which led him to sell out his first ever London headline show at the Servant Jazz Quarters last week.

Regarding his alt-folk single Archie says, “I wrote ‘It Rains’ about a dying but once great relationship. All we do now is fight and get back together again; with the memories of the glory days being the only thing bringing us back to each other. The song is the realisation of this but wanting to retreat to ‘our place’ and cling on for a few more days in the vague hope that we can regain an element of the past and not let us be washed away by the flood.

And discussing the video Archie commented, “For the video we wanted something that reflected the song’s feel. Smooth, understated and introspective. Theo, the director, used a combination of 16mm film and digital shots to create a warm aesthetic throughout.

Archie has just announced his next London show where he will headlining at St Pancras Old Church on November 12th. Get your tickets now.

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