Video Premiere: ‘T-Erase-Her (Him)’ By Vana Blu

by Lucy Lerner

18th October, 2019

Vana Blu – Photo by Chris Almeida

“the only voice I had was through my music, somewhere they couldn’t go”

Vana Blu is a London-based Pop/Indie Artist who releases the thought-provoking video for his latest single ‘T-Erase-Her (Him)’. It’s the perfect time for such a release with Britain in turmoil and gearing up for Brexit.

The track itself is chilled and lo-fi with a pulsing groove running through which juxtaposes the way we are all feeling at the moment.

“We can take it all away, yeah. How does it feel?”

Mid-track, the dialogue is a glimpse of what people in Britain are currently talking about on a daily basis with the irony being that the people in power are above just looking down on us. Blu comments, “I wouldn’t call it a rap, more spoken word in the middle 8 but I had to really just get out my anger at that moment“.

Compared to previous releases such as ‘Lonely Boy’, Vana Blu has used a more electronic and darker approach for his new single, “due to the nature of the track being about the British government“. He worked with producer Peter Lyons (Peter & Kerry) and he helped to create the darker tones in the track, “with just the right amount of electronic elements portraying the distortion in society“.

Blu has created an animated music video including a green screen with Video animator and director Halo Jones who he has collaborated on a video before. Blu comments, “this was more of a passion project for both of us as we had such similar views on the situation which is why I contacted him initially. He pitched me the idea and I was blown away. After a wee bit of green screen, he went hard to work on the video to get it done for what is probably the most nail-biting week of Brexit so far“.

The talented artist describes passionately the meaning behind his new song and how the visuals reflect conflicting emotions and opinions, “I wrote this song cause I felt I had to break out of the mould of writing about love and personal breakups, to a more country’s break up with. What was going on in Britain was really plaguing my mind.

To be honest, I’ve never felt so politically active since a child when Labour was in it’s prime so I suppose that was a positive but I felt like I could not stay silent anymore on it where I stood, and the only voice I had was through my music, somewhere they couldn’t go.

To go from 2012 where I felt we are flying high with unity and prospects to the very quick downward misinformed spiral of the referendum and the almost voiceless people’s government in power! It very much feels like the rich are winning and cutting all they can so they can live in they’re temporary bliss, ignoring much around them. I feel this will only last so long till both sides of the coin, left and right have had enough.

Whether you voted to leave or remain right now, we should all be mad.

Stream ‘T-Erase-Her (Him)’ here.

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