Video Premiere: Harri Georgio ‘Release Me’

by Terry Guy

3th December, 2019

Harri Georgio is back and rocking out on his brand new visuals for ‘Release Me’. It’s the follow-up single to his famously-known Reggae and Drum n Bass-fused track ‘Rudeboy Sound,’ a collaboration with SunSun. Yet again Harri has hit us hard with another memorable, catchy hook, delivered via a slick vocal performance which at times does not seem to sound too far off from the distinctive tones of the legendary Bruno Mars.

‘Release Me’ is a playful cover of the song of the same name, which was made famous by Engelbert Humperdinck who had a number 1 in the 1960s with the iconic track. BBC Leicester challenged Harri Georgio to come up with his own fresh twist, and he certainly didn’t disappoint!

The music video shows a dynamic live performance from Harri and his band with retro tones. Musically, Harri has kept the Reggae momentum going, with an off-beat, rhythm guitar and effortless lead guitar playing over some top-quality, solid, radio-friendly music production. However, despite its current yet edgy sound, there is arguably some Lenny Kravitz-throwback qualities going on there which you are bound to pick up on, if like myself you are 90’s Rock kid. If Olly Murs ever decided to rock out a little bit over some Ska-influenced music, it might sound a little something like this.

Harri…we are anticipating an album release real soon. In the meantime, have a look at the official music video for ‘Release Me’ out now.

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