Vaeda Black And Saverio Tackle A Bad Habit With Cigs

by Lucy Lerner

20th May, 2020

dying slowly with our scars

High-school friends Vaeda Black and Saverio tackle a bad habit with cigs. Written and recorded overnight during quarantine via Facetime it relays in a very honest way how you feel following a breakup. Bad habits form when you’re feeling sorry for yourself such as smoking too much. It’s a relatable song tinged with youth. Cigs is quite a departure from Vaeda Black’s previous dark release, Drunken Tears, proving how versatile she is.

“I can’t sleep with the thought of you with someone else, 
I hate that you make me feel so damn sorry for myself”

Despite how fed up Vaeda and Saverio feel as they narrate their feelings with an honest delivery, there is a fun, uplifting feel to the track. Cigs is a kooky indie song with clean lines and vibrant acoustics. What brings it together is the chemistry between the artists – they bounce off each other lyrically and you can tell they had fun creating the song until the early hours.

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