Vaeda Black

Vaeda Black And Saverio Tackle A Bad Habit With Cigs

Wed May 20 2020

dying slowly with our scars High-school friends Vaeda Black and Saverio tackle a bad habit with cigs. Written and recorded overnight during quarantine via Facetime it relays in a very honest way how you feel following a breakup. Bad habits form when you’re feeling sorry for yourself such as smoking too much. It’s a relatable song […]

Premiere: Vaeda Black Bewitches With ‘Drunken Tears’

Thu Mar 12 2020

“I want people to see every part of me, and Drunken Tears lets me show people my darker side.” Vaeda Black Bewitches With ‘Drunken Tears’. With a vocal prowess way beyond her 18 years, Vaeda revels in her new single which throbs with soul but also has a dark, twisted quality. The childlike tinkling of […]

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