X. ARIDebuting a new EP entitled ‘Uni-Fi’ (unify) X. ARI is showcasing both vocals and lyrical complexities throughout. Each song has a different tone and message along with very different genres that link together so perfectly.

The opening track ‘Break-Point’ set the tone for the EP. Beginning with an electric guitar X. ARI’s raspy tone and vocal cracks are an exceptional match. If you couldn’t guess the meaning behind the song from the title alone, the lyrics tell a clear story. Focussing on enduring a negative situation for such a vast amount of time that you reach “breaking-point” the sentiment is repeated throughout. Singing “should’ve known better” X. ARI is seemingly drawing on previous experience using hindsight as a guide. Later singing “the monster in me came out to dance” shows how being in specific situations can affect your character as it is not always easy to be the best versions of our selves. The electronic sounding track along with the base driven verses perfectly contrast with the airy chorus which is full of harmonies adding a level of effortless depth.

Much like how you would say the phrase out of annoyance or frustration, ‘La La La’ is a middle finger to the haters. X. ARI is blocking out negativity and ignoring those who would attempt to dim her light. With long drawn out guitar chords and a repetitive steady clapping sound, similar to that of a clock ticking, the song has a very early 2000’s pop/rock vibe to it. The rebellious lyrics “I can live my life any way I want” further demonstrate the point. This song is reminiscent of Avril Lavigne during the beginning of her career whilst also being comparable to Charlie XCX as it is about creating your own path and finding your way with needing validation from the outside world.

The remaining four songs; ‘Everywhere’, ‘Lift Up’, ‘Yin Yang’ and ‘Uni-Fi’ are equally original and unique sounding. Each track has one shining element that allows for this project to be seamless and cohesive. ‘Everywhere’ is a more heartfelt ballad about losing someone and still being able to see them everywhere. ‘Yin Yang’ is more vocally complex hitting higher notes that showcase a greater range in addition to switching up the vocal placements beautifully. ‘Uni-Fi’ features IRA .X and is all about the meeting of two minds. The record is a duet with both singers representing a different viewpoint. It brings two opposing positions together on one track whilst creating unity, “what is you and I (U.N.I.) is all we need”. Through differences, we are still able to come together and survive anything.

X. ARI explains her new release, “‘Uni-Fi’ is a duality concept EP where I explore dichotomy and topics of mental health, resilience, and courage to have the confidence to be yourself without judgements,” she explains. “I introduced my alter ego, IRA X. to express the binary aspects of life – the dark and light and the masculine and feminine aspects we all embody. The idea is we all have fragmented parts and are seeking unification, but sometimes we need to breakdown and break apart before we can become whole.

Each song on the EP can help her fans through difficult situations that may occur. X. ARI is an advocate for mental health awareness and using her platform to shine a light on the “taboo” subject. She will also be performing her EP at an event that is dedicated to building better lives for Americans affected by mental health.

‘UNI-FI’ is out now.

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