The triple threat writer, producer AND performer that is Jonathan Zarola, AKA; UNBLOOM has released another single titled ‘I Followed’ which succeeds the success of his previous single ‘Chances’ and it has not disappointed.

After lots of critics labelled UNBLOOM’s first single as ‘pop’ from his debut EP ‘This Could Be Everything / This Could Be Nothing’, this inspired the young producer to embrace the genre and run with it – “When I wrote ‘I Followed,’ it was like, ‘f*ck it, I give myself permission to be a popstar.”

On the surface, ‘I Followed’ sounds like a jovial Summer anthem with tropical beats that set you on white sands, sipping from coconuts (when you’ve listened to the track you’ll know exactly what I mean!), but if you listen to the lyrics then you will understand that ‘ I Followed’ is so much more than your classic summer tune. Lyrics such as:

I followed in your lead ‘cause I couldn’t bear to part
And now I find myself in trouble again,
If only I could reach out and be whole within

create a feeling of transition from the comfortable into the unknown which most of us can empathise with, making this song so much more personable as well as being a summer banger!

‘I Followed’, along with his previous single ‘Chances’ has certainly made this young ‘popstar’ bloom in the music industry. Keep an eye on UNBLOOM for more of his modern mix of relatable lyrics and synthesizers.