‘Falling’ was surely one of the hottest tracks of 2018/19 and the recently released music video adds even more depth to an otherwise intoxicating song.

Trevor Daniel is a 25-year-old singer-songwriter from Houston, TX and ‘Falling’ was his breakout single released in October 2018 which gained over 200 million plays on Spotify alone (the song is currently #6 on Spotify’s Global Hits playlist and charting on Billlboard). The song had a resurgence on Tik Tok last summer reaching #1 on the US Viral 50 and entering the Top 40 in over 20 other countries.

The music video for ‘Falling’, directed by William Desena is very creative and features various scenes and backdrops – a dusky drive through the Californian canyons, hanging upside down in the desert and waiters dancing around Daniel as he sits at a table alone and contemplative. The song, currently climbing the Billboard charts, is about heartbreak and the visuals depict this so well.

Before you, baby, I was numb, drown the pain by pouring up
Speeding fast on the run, never want to get caught up
Now you the one that I’m calling

Trevor Daniel is currently working on his debut album.