‘Throwaway’ Is A Soothing, Lo-Fi Song From SG Lewis x Clairo

by Tahnee Shakerley

8th April, 2019

Photo by Jack Bridgland

SG Lewis recently released ‘Throwaway’ the collaborative single with Clairo and 2nd single from his highly anticipated 2019 project DAWN, the finale to his 3 part album DUSK DARK DAWN.

Pronounced a “white boy with soul” by idol Pharrell Williams; Sam ‘G’ Lewis is the talented 23-year-old producer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and singer from Liverpool, England. Alongside solo success, he has worked with the likes of AlunaGeorge, Dave, JP Cooper, Louis Mattrs, Col3trane, and Dua Lipa.

‘Throwaway’ is a beautiful second collaboration with singer-songwriter Clairo which has already received an overwhelming reception with over one million streams on Spotify within its first week of release. With minimal production that perfectly compliments the simple stripped-back vocals, this duo has created a calming lullaby, a lo-fi love song that is incredibly catchy.

We were both super tired and had some sh*t going on in our respective personal lives. We sat and talked for ages, and after that ‘Throwaway’ flowed out in no time at all. Clairo is such a special artist and an incredible songwriter, and I’m super proud of this song.

To someone unfamiliar with this young artist and his music, ‘Throwaway’ would be best explained by how it fits within his most recent conceptual album. The premise of his project DUSK DARK DAWN was creating a playlist for a night from start to finish. If I take a look at my own playlists, I have clearly arranged my music by the time in which those songs most make sense, a pre-party, (dusk) playlist to warm up, a motive (dark) playlist to hype me and an afters (dawn) playlist to chill out. It’s a genius concept for an album as it perfectly understands how people who party absorb music, by creating a playlist designed to capture the 3 stages of mood and energy we all experience on almost any night out.

The strongest connection that people have with music is when it’s tied to something that they’ve experienced.

Part 1 ‘DUSK’ of the album was released on the 18th of April last year.

With a succinct list of 6 tracks, it is an excellent chill playlist that begins with a 2 track intro to the night Sunsets-Pt. 1 and Sunsets Pt. 2. DUSK as a whole is delightfully coloured with hints of disco, house and groove and the ideal destination for easy-listening. Highlights from the collection are gems ‘Coming up’ a euphoric dance track perfect for getting the night started and funky ‘Golden’, another reference to that glorious hour when the sun departs and the night begins. These songs work to build up a gradual sense of excitement and anticipation, playing as a pre-party starter for the main course that is of course DARK.


DARK the sequel was released later in August 2018.

As a hugely collaborative artist by nature, SG Lewis brought on feature artists Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Drew Love, Dot & Bruno Major, and AlunaGeorge for the launch of the second phase to his project. “The tempo is a little bit higher [on Dark] and the atmosphere is generally a bit moodier,” Lewis explains. “There’s a larger level of intensity to it and the imagery it evokes is more, not aggressive, but just darker in nature – as in the name.” Designed for the peak of the night DARK is a really versatile collection of techno and hip hop. ‘A.A.T’ the second song on the project features R&B singer Drew Love (from artist duo THEY) who also raps on the song. ‘Hurting’ with AlunaGeorge is for lack of a better word, an absolute banger. Rife with an extremely infectious bass-line and excellent chorus from Aluna this is hands-down my favourite collaboration from this collection and a must-listen for anyone who appreciates a good build-up and quality dance track.


The third and final chapter to the trilogy is of course DAWN. Although the first glimpse of morning can often be a daunting sign, especially for party-goers, it can often be a time of appreciation, reflection, and unity amongst friends, a summary to an excellent night that has passed. This is what SG Lewis has captured so adequately so far, not only with ‘Throwaway’ but with the first release from DAWN titled ‘Blue’.

An expert at capturing the emotion and atmosphere of electronic music, we are excited to hear what SG Lewis has in store for his final pieces, that will mark not only the end of this incredible concept but serenade the final moments of our nights this year and for years to come.

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