The Party Must Go On In Dillistone's AnywayProducer and DJ, Dillistone’s Anyway is an intoxicating track that truly throws you into the midst of that typical party setting. The drinks are flowing, the music is blaring, but all you want to do is run back to the safety and comfort of your own home. A feeling I believe we have all experienced at one point or another and can certainly empathise with.

The track depicts the loneliness we can sometimes feel at a party or a social event in general, but the fear of missing out is what compels us to stay and this song conveys that feeling perfectly.

Dillistone speaks on the meaning behind the track, “This song is for anyone who has felt like they’d rather be anywhere else, doing anything else but can’t let themselves because the party must go on.

Despite the lonesome meaning behind it, the overall rhythm is upbeat and incredibly catchy. It fuses Marie Bothmer’s beautiful and clarified vocals over a stumbling bassline with hints of an Indie and Electronic track that all lead up to a really exciting Pop style chorus.

Anyway is the second track from Dillistone’s upcoming EP and has certainly set the bar high for future releases. I’m looking forward to what is coming next!