Terry Guy Releases His Poignant Love Letter ‘Brown Eyes’

by Lucy Lerner

19th August, 2019

Terry Guy releases his beautiful new single ‘Brown Eyes’. The piano-driven ballad is drenched in emotion, particularly through Terry’s raw vocals and the poignancy in the lyrics. The violin which underpins the track adds another layer to an already textured song.

The unsigned singer-songwriter who has been writing music since the young age of 14 reveals the song is inspired by social issues such as HIV stigma and homophobia.

“Someone who heard the song described ‘Brown Eyes’ as a love letter to a friend, and that’s exactly what it is. Although I already had a face-to-face conversation with my dear friend who was diagnosed, several years afterward I noticed the stigma of HIV with my own eyes, and unexpectedly I have seen it within the LGBTQ+ community. The song was my way of reaching out to him, telling him that I was not going to be like the others and that I was going to love him and be there for him no matter what, which is where the music video comes into it.”

Speaking about the moving music video Terry says, “Conceptually I wanted the video to speak out against those who have ignorant views of HIV+ people and I didn’t want to shy away from mental health issues such as depression and suicide. It is the first time I have ever directed and edited a music video myself, so I am very proud of it”

The Peckham-born artist is currently recording his debut album with producer Franc Cinelli, and he admits it has been influenced by music icons from Martin Grech, Emeli Sande, Sinead O’Connor, to PJ Harvey.

Keep an eye out for the hugely talented Terry Guy who performs regularly on the London music scene.

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