Tebi’s Pandora’s Box Is A Modern Love Story

by Lucy Lerner

9th April, 2020

You never know what to expect when you open Pandora’s Box and Tebi describes that feeling perfectly. The song was inspired by a chance meeting with an ex a year after breaking up. When they saw each other again it felt like they had opened Pandora’s Box as the rush of feelings was instantaneous and they were back to square one.

“A Feeling of beautiful euphoric chaos amidst all the clear warning signs and lust” – Tebi

Pandora’s Box features nimble vocals from Tebi, smooth harmonies, sweet hooks, and a hip-swinging afro-pop fusion. It’s a very accessible song with clear, relatable lyrics:

We tried to lock down love, but now it’s back again,
so you give me the key and I’ma put it in the lock,
twist it to the left until you tell me when to stop,
all the feelings and emotions, everything is in the open,
Kisses feel like an explosion,
Think we broke Pandoras Box

Tebi’s Pandora’s Box is an infectious crowdpleaser. It’s an engaging modern love story you will want to put on repeat again and again.

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