Take A Walk With Redd Down K-Town

by Marcus Adetola

17th May, 2020

Take a walk with Redd down K-Town and let her calm vocals lead you down the road of reflection. No matter how painful the memories you harbor of the past, you will find solace in closure. Redd guides you on that journey filled with nostalgia providing comfort as someone who has been down that road. She sings with a gentle demeanor of her experiences in K-Town.

The lo-fi sounds from the guitar and drums create a nice mellow mood shielding you from drowning in the intense emotions of the past.

This song is for anyone that has ever experienced gut wrenching pain from time lost spent on someone that didn’t return the favor; for those that have identified places with people–and those places have forever been changed. I was in a state of reflection when writing “K-town” because I finally got to a place where I felt grateful for those tough, hard, and overwhelming times–it has made me so much stronger in myself. I’m healthier. I’m happier. I make better decisions. And I bet that others feel similarly. – Redd

I enjoyed the lush folk-like sounds from Redd, so it’s great to know she is currently working on her first album, Monsters & Mothers. The album pinpoints the monsters we have in our daily lives, including the mothers that tend to pick us up, fixing us–potentially enabling us. 

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