Tokyo Love Hotel

Playful Pop From Uffie With ‘No Take Me Backs’ (Feadz Remix)

Tue Jun 11 2019

Uffie has teamed up with Feadz for the first time in nearly ten years for the remix of her latest single ‘No Take Me Backs’. The ex-couple created the infamous breakout Uffie party anthem, ‘Pop The Glock’ which led to them signing to the legendary Parisian label Ed Banger Records. They both worked together until […]

‘Sadmoney’ Is A Bittersweet Electro-Pop Hit From Uffie

Mon Feb 04 2019

As soon as you hear the melancholy tones of ‘Sadmoney’ you are hooked and want to keep listening to this trap-textured electro-pop song. LA-based internet pop sensation Uffie is back with her latest single prior to her ‘Tokyo Love Hotel’ EP release out on February 14th. ‘Sadmoney’ is bittersweet – sweet in the sense Uffie […]

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