Shine Bright With RVBY’s New Single ‘Glow’

Fri Oct 25 2019

Today is the day you glow bright courtesy of RVBY’s new single which is so uplifting and perfectly reflects the name of the song thanks to shimmering synths and crystalline vocals. ‘Glow’ is RVBY’s third single of the year and it’s released via Funnel Music. Despite the upbeat feel it is a very personal song […]

RVBY Delivers Strong Notting Hill Arts Club Debut At Gold Dust

Tue Oct 01 2019

​Gold Dust – Notting Hill Arts Club: Curated by the fabulous BBC Introducing’s Abbie McCarthy; with an air of confidence and eyes full of verve, RVBY took to the stage filled with a room of heavy industry cool kids to deliver a strong and exciting set.​ ​Speaking to Neon Music after the gig, it is […]

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