RVBY Delivers Strong Notting Hill Arts Club Debut At Gold Dust

by Lewis McNair

1th October, 2019


​Gold Dust – Notting Hill Arts Club: Curated by the fabulous BBC Introducing’s Abbie McCarthy; with an air of confidence and eyes full of verve, RVBY took to the stage filled with a room of heavy industry cool kids to deliver a strong and exciting set.​

Speaking to Neon Music after the gig, it is clear at only 19 years old – RVBY is very switched on and ready to tackle the challenges that will inevitably be thrown at her the longer she works in our business. ​

RVBY & Lewis

What was most refreshing to see was that RVBY fresh off stage was very chill. Poised and happy to chat to journalists while having a fag outside the gig, she explained that the Label is talking about relocating her to London or LA full time but for her, she’s “Not phased – it’s about the music”.​

Happy to pose for pictures and mingle with the crowd after the show, this is exactly the type of pop star the UK could do within a post-Brexit world – at the very least, she could be very useful. ​

RVBY’s new single ‘glow’ is important to her. She has the word tattooed on her arm as she tries to channel her inner light into her day to day life, warding off any negativity. She says, “it’s about somebody who wants what I’m doing, but they’re trying to bring me down about it“.

She is a really exciting act – and more importantly a nice relatable person. Here’s hoping RVBY can keep her eyes on the prize and keep chasing, attracting her light. ​

RVBY will be releasing her next single ‘Glow’ on 4th October, ahead of her debut EP release.​

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