Miles Caspar Drops Dreamy New Single Messages ft SoLonely

Thu Sep 03 2020

Miles Caspar drops dreamy new single Messages featuring SoLonely. The sweet harmonies on the track flow with an air of nostalgia and when they merge with the wistful lyrics, you feel the overflow of emotions. Miles and SoLonely sync effortlessly with great timing on the flow and reverbs, creating an infectious vibe. Messages marks the […]

Living in the Post Is The Alluring Single By Emma Negrete

Wed Sep 02 2020

Living in the Post is the new alluring single by independent artist Emma Negrete. She takes you on a journey of sounds and emotions with her unique style. In the first part of the song, her vocals swirl with defiance around the sparsed instrumentals. Lyrics evoke a spirited effort to stay grounded before breaking into […]

Kumari D’Shay Proves There’s More Under The Surface In Enigma

Mon Aug 31 2020

Kumari D’Shay proves there’s more under the surface in her new single Enigma. Reiterating she cannot be something she isn’t, she hasn’t met other’s expectations and is going to do it her way even if it means she won’t get as far by pretending to be someone she’s not. “We’re living in times where information […]

NYNE Is Back With Another Dope New Single Villain

Wed Aug 19 2020

NYNE is back with another dope new single Villain. It shimmers with all the qualities we have come to love in her unique style of R&B music. With a knack of creating catchy tracks, NYNE lays her signature smooth vocals on a bed of infectious instrumentals on Villain. And once again, she delivers another hype-worthy […]

glue70 Manifests A Musical Eden

Mon Aug 17 2020

glue70 manifests a musical Eden with lush vocals and atmospheric sounds. Eden is a fusion of different genres, including jazz, soul, electropop, and hip-hop. The vibrant and distinctive flow from glue70 stands out as the crowning jewel. glue70’s vocals exhibit a cadence that comes across as mellifluous and completes the track. The hook and mellow […]

Miss The Plane Is The Warm And Fuzzy Side Of Rich Caviar

Mon Aug 10 2020

Miss The Plane is the warm and fuzzy side of Rich Caviar. He shows a rather unusual side to his previous releases, which were fast-paced with a thumping tempo. On Miss The Plane, he serenades female fans with a positive outlook on what he considers an ideal companion. It’s a tribute of sorts, and Rich […]

Alpha23 Goes Hard On His Latest Track Move On

Fri Aug 07 2020

Alpha23 goes hard on his latest track Move On. He drops a lyrical flow that rides on the ominous instrumentals and melodious hook. It comes out as catchy with infectious qualities. The ATL native is sleek with his phrases, and his delivery stands out as crisp. The rhyme schemes are clever and deliver the necessary […]

Ronnie Lott And Kirko Bangz Go All Sentimental With Over Your Side

Fri Jul 31 2020

Ronnie Lott and Kirko Bangz go all sentimental with Over Your Side. The track features the combined effort of two Texan natives focusing on a positive outlook in a relationship. They spin a tale soaked with nostalgia with catchy lyrics, reminiscing of implicit values in a good relationship. The beat and instrumentals complement the flow […]

Stay Woke To The Words Of Different Coast On React

Fri Jul 31 2020

Stay woke to the words of Different Coast on React. The duo consisting of F.E the rapper, and Marvelic as the singer, take you on a journey basked with resonating messages of enlightenment. “Wrote this song about moving through negativity and be careful with how you react to it. There’s a reason a lot of […]

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