Everything's Okay By MSNGR Is A Gem

Everything’s Okay by MSNGR is a gem, as it glistens with an old school vibe and dope flow. It’s a melancholic reflection of the past in the form of an anecdote. MSNGR shines with the lyrical display and delivery on the track using simile and metaphors on the flow that ring out clear. Without sacrificing the integrity of the hook and melody. Everything’s Okay has inspiring qualities in the positive trajectory of the eventual outcome. However, it has underlying dark tones to it. MSNGR’s storytelling is exquisite and it intertwines flawlessly on the background instrumentals.

This song is inspired by my real-life story of losing friends and family to drugs, as well as my personal addictions. I say in the hook “Everything’s been just okay in my life” which is a reference to the way we, as humans, never want to worry others with our personal lives. Keeping ourselves together is hard enough on our own, and so I explain in how highly I think of myself, while humbling myself by sharing my life experiences such as being homeless, being a juvenile delinquent, and seeing my friends turn into strangers. Though this song is full of pain, it brings a sense of completion to me. Being able to share how I feel and see things is one of my favorite things about music, and this song nails that for me.  – MSNGR

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