COTIS drops the anthemic Girls from the NorthCOTIS drops the anthemic Girls from the North. The track has a catchy melody that sits perfectly on the synth-infused hip-hop instrumentals. And, the flow and delivery syncs flawlessly making the track addictive. It’s one of those songs that you do not need to understand but love because of the earworm qualities it has.

Girls from the North has an energetic bop to it. The track is about dysfunctional relationship experiences with an open-ended interpretation best left to the listener. Not that it matters as it’s a good song.

21-year-old Callum Afcouliotis, also known as COTIS, is working on his nine-song project RECKLESS set for release on July 14th, 2020.

“Reckless is a process I’m still in—just like not giving a fuck freeing myself from the prison my mind has created for itself—because that’s when I’m truly happiest is when I feel free.” – COTIS

COTIS is another artist on the Neon Music radar, and he should be on yours too.