Indulge In Dilemma, The Latest Single From Geno FiveIndulge in Dilemma, the latest single from Geno Five. He goes on a lyrical tirade about when, how, and what he wants to do. In short, it’s a reflective track with sublime delivery and arrangement. You practically get two songs in one. The instrumentals on both sections of the song work brilliantly to accentuate the emotions cultivated.
It’s a Dilemma picking which of the two sections I prefer because they are both awesomely executed.

Geno Five pretty much covers his thoughts, which most twenty-somethings will relate to in the current situation in the world. Geno Five’s quick wit on the verses with the conscious and intelligent lyrics shine on the track.

The more you listen to the Dilemma, the more you find something new to appreciate about it.