Split The Sky: The bewilderment of Alex The Astronaut. Split The Sky is enamored with feelings of emotional heartbreak of the inability to escape a crisis. Alex’s poignant lyrics on guitar acoustics narrate a melancholic recollection of the past where she gracefully alludes to her confused plight of bewilderment. 

The song emphasizes the aesthetic emotions of fear and exhaustion of been trapped and unable to move on. Regardless of what you try, you decide to indulge in youthful trivialities hoping the problem somehow disappears. There’s an innocence in her voice that makes you understand her disposition.

But I’ve been colder
Sitting in my bedroom, looking older
Feeling like I’m underwater
Smiling like a lie
Holding on to it all too tight
I’ve been hoping
I have what it takes to keep rolling
‘Cause I will not stay underwater
I’ll walk outside
I’ll split the sky
I’ll be alright

As the song progresses, Alex the Astronaut switches gears to a faster tempo where Split The Sky shines rays of hope amongst the turmoil. It embodies a feeling of things eventually working out.