Sophomooreik Is Hungry For More With His New Single Gluttony

by Lucy Lerner

30th October, 2020

Sophomooreik is hungry for more with his new single Gluttony. With a confidently delivered flow, wordplay that is second to none, and a pace that could rival Twista, Sophomooreik stands out amongst his UK hip-hop peers. Gluttony features a bouncy beat and Sophomooreik is in his element as he shares a snapshot of his North London lifestyle.

Gluttony is Sophomooreik’s first release of 2020 and will be featured on his upcoming EP. It follows his 2019 debut EP EASYAS…(Growing Up). We look forward to hearing more head-spinning wordplay and semi-fictional tales from the very talented Sophomooreik

“This is my introduction -re-introducing myself to the world.”
– Sophomooreik

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