Leeds-based duo Denton Thrift recently revealed ‘Something Real’ (Feat. Mared), the second track from their forthcoming EP ‘Sight’, set for release this summer. ‘Something Real’ follows the release of three successful singles, ‘Confessional’, ‘Sweetest Taboo’ and ‘Fear In the Night’ from back in 2017.

Initially, the most interesting element of the song is the calming instrumentation completely entices the listener and immediately helps you to relax and unwind. From the beautifully layered bed of synths to the minimalistic percussion, the piece establishes itself as an ethereal electro-pop ballad from the second it begins, allowing you to temporarily forget your troubles and lets them melt away into the musical abyss. However, a few listens later and it’s obvious that this at-first-glance tranquillity is completely contrasted with an underlying melancholic theme. It soon becomes clear that ‘Something Real’ is a song of heartbreak and sorrow. It discusses a scenario of being able to foresee the end of a relationship before the breaking point has actually occurred; a premature breakup song. This only becomes more prominent as the song progresses, whether that be through the lyrics, changing vocal persona or the addition of new instruments. Whereas the vocals are quite soft and soothing in the first verse, they become stronger and more like a sombre outcry of emotion in the second verse, more desperate to be heard than before. Of course, reflecting the heartbreaking nature of the situation the lyrics describe the repetition of the confession, “I don’t feel something real”. Also, the addition of guitar inflections and piano motifs from the second verse onwards heightens the heartache and emptiness that comes hand in hand with from knowing you’re inevitably drifting apart from someone who was once so close to you.

Denton Thrift and Mared have managed to create a piece of music that can be held in high regards as to what a piece of ambient, electropop music should be today. The juxtaposition between the stripped back, serene soundscape and the longing and desperation in her words makes for a beautifully melancholic song that has the capability to really punch you in the heart if you pay attention to the storytelling, whilst the space left in the instrumentation means you aren’t absolutely overwhelmed by heartache.

You can stream ‘Something Real’ here.