Kathryn Berry’s single ‘So You’re Goin’ to California’ is still shining after its release. The Canadian singer-songwriter has a great Americana sound with dashes of folk rock which Kathryn describes as Sarah McLachlan meets Shakira, Natalie Merchant with a side of Sheryl Crow and Alanis Morissette. Kathryn Berry is a university graduate from Concordia University, Montreal and is currently the Director of Artist Management at PSD Musique having been in banking previously.

Kathryn explains how the song ‘So You’re Goin’ to California’ came about, “My partner and I had been fighting for weeks (I can’t remember why, just the stresses of life…). My brother had invited me to his birthday and the date was yet another source of conflict between us. But I guess the whole storm of arguments leading up to the day made me just want to say, “f*ck it all”, I’m going back to a time (in my head) when none of this mattered. ” She continues, “So, I decided to just go with it and have fun for the night, wherever it took me. I stayed out all night with a random stranger. In truth, he was a perfect gentleman but the whole incident actually made my partner wake up and see me again. Or maybe I just felt attractive again and he saw in me what he’d loved from the start.

The song has that kind of carefree vibe that relates to the anecdote, a slow riff throughout is topped by strummed acoustic guitar and natural, compelling vocals. With soaring, euphoric instrumentals and a melodic hook combined with accents of slow-rock the song combines many appealing facets.

And I need some new material for my show, so I’m just gonna see where this is gonna go.

So after California, it will be interesting to see where Kathryn Berry’s music takes her next…

You can stream ‘So You’re Goin’ To California’ here.