Kill JThe deliciousness that is ‘Silver Spoon’ is Kill J’s first release of 2019 from their new album, ‘Superposition’ and it’s bringing us that ultra-sweet, slice of art pop we didn’t know we needed.

Our attention is first grabbed in the intro by an almost siren-like sound, having us believe we are being set up for a more serious tone, similar to Kill J’s earlier releases ‘Strange Fruits of The Sea’ and ‘Dead Weight Soldier’, only to be pleasantly surprised by a delicate and beautiful melody, which is accompanied by a repetitive percussion beat that gradually builds throughout.

We’re introduced to Kill J’s sharp yet distinctive vocals that bring a sultry and breathy feel to the tune that politely lets us know she’s got something to say, so don’t let the sweetness fool you.

You couldn’t find my hand in the ion storm
So you curled up like a man from a woman scorned”

“You wallow in the waste and the taste of your own gloom

These powerfully poignant lyrics, which are displayed on an intimate, neon-drenched, hazed lyric video, create a gripping contrast from this seeming upbeat tune, making it all the more intriguing.

Having taken inspiration from topics such as particle physics and scientific discoveries, Kill J’s highly anticipated album ‘Superposition’ is one to delve into deeper.

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