Silhouettes By Stables Feels Like A Lazy Late Summer Afternoon

Sun Sep 13 2020

Silhouettes by Stables feels like a lazy late summer afternoon. You know the feeling when you’re lying in the sun with closed eyes and you’re aware of all the sounds around you but you’re so relaxed you’re between sleep and reality. Listening to Silhouettes takes you to the same place and the relaxed feeling is […]

Marathon Is An Upbeat, Playful Track From Stables

Mon May 04 2020

Who wants to run forever? Marathon is an upbeat, playful track from Stables. The London Marathon has been postponed so the indie-folk duo decided to have a bit of fun with Marathon footage from 1988 Matthew found in his parent’s shed. It’s colourful and exudes a summery charm. Marathon is all I need, Serotonin high, […]

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