Silence Is A Potent Song From Benjamin Fayah x Carter

by Lucy Lerner

29th April, 2020

Silence can speak volumes and you won’t want any distractions when you listen to the new single by Benjamin Fayah x Carter.

Surinamese artists Benjamin Fayah (Fayah meaning fire in his native tongue) and Carterhave created a song filled with nonchalant instrumentals and nimble vocals. You can interpret its meaning to be about a toxic relationship or circumstances you might face.

How can we solve this, how can we overcome?
Trying to break the silence, but I don’t know what you want?

The music video features a sample of a Surinamese pop culture movie from 1976 called Wan Pipel. There is an argument between a couple where the woman wants the man to leave with her to another country, but he is too tied down to his own country. It ends with her asking “Why“?

“‘Silence’ is about feeling stuck in a situation and trying to fix it, but not getting any response back. Either from a certain someone or the universe itself” – Carter

A moody vibe ripples through the Bluesy, soulful rock track and the combination of these two talented artists is rather potent. There is a smokey sensuality to Silence that will have you reaching for a glass of something strong and letting the taste linger on your lips.

Silence by Benjamin Fayah x Carter is out now.

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