Shoo Shay Delivers A Song For Our Times With ‘Screenshot Dat’

by Lucy Lerner

13th September, 2018

South Londoner Shoo Shay has released a song very relevant for our times. The singer-songwriter says ‘Screenshot Dat’ “is about those guys who send unsolicited private pics – they gotta go!

She spits, “I don’t have time to be dealing with this, send another pic I’m tweeting this sh*t, I’ll knock down that confidence bitch, screenshot dat I’m tweeting this sh*t.

With a combination of spoken word and singing, Shoo Shay says it how it is with a gritty trap-inspired beat underlying her smart flow:

I don’t need you to be offering me things I don’t want, things I don’t need, you see me as a quest to complete, I’m not trying to be your final fantasy.

The genre-blending artist explains, “As an artist, I am quite simple. I was never the prettiest or the most flashy of people – in school and as an adult. However, I am the one that can put a smile on your face. I can make you roll your eyes, I can make you giggle. I try to never attempt to be anything else than what I am. And my music reflects this, despite belonging to different genres. I don’t try to be more street because it suits this genre, or more bubbly because it suits that one. I am a mix of all these things and I think that is what helps me stand out a little.

‘Screenshot Dat’ will definitely put a smile on your face and you won’t be forgetting Shoo Shay in a hurry. I wonder what she’ll do next?

Shoo Shay will be performing at Fu Manchu on the 22nd September. 

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