Shaydee Releases The Infectious ‘Make Sense’ Feat. Wizkid

by Natasha Moore

13th November, 2017

Any song with Wizkid’s name on it seems to automatically get that nod of approval to become a hit of the moment, but taking no light away from the main vocalist of the song Shaydee who carries the track effortlessly. This confident collaboration between the talented pair means it takes no Einstein to ‘make sense’ of why this song can do well in the charts.

The Song
This strong Afrobeat helps revive the summer vibes just as woollen wear starts coming back into fashion. But this doesn’t mean that the track isn’t chilled. The infectious chorus rolls out in such a casual style highlighting how natural creating rhythmical music comes to the Nigerian music masterminds.
The song length left me wanting a little bit more though! At 2 mins 50 seconds it’s more of a tease of the quality of songs yet to come from Shaydee and confirmation to Wizkid’s hitmaking power. So as a note to the producer Spax and Shaydee himself (who co-produced) give us more, it’s so good!

The Video
Shaydee and Wizkid are like two kids in a sweetshop. Could there any more beautiful women in that mansion? The relaxed pool party theme of the video ties in perfectly with the audio. No doubt this song will be on replay at many BBQ’s and parties to come.

In Summary
I’m a big fan of this tune, I can already see its popularity growing online with no surprise. I can’t wait to see what these artists release next!

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