Shadi G Delights With The Wound Is The Place Where the Light Enters You

by Lucy Lerner

23th December, 2020

Shadi G delights with her latest single The Wound is the Place Where the Light Enters You. She flips the typical story of a relationship breakdown to describing it in three different seasons.

In the verse we get introduced with the feelings of curiosity and insecurities. Moving onwards comes the realisation of the reality of your current situation, ultimately leading to an awakening and liberation.
– Shadi G

The singer-songwriter’s distinctive sugar whipped vocals stir emotions within you as you sink into the luscious R&B soundscape with floating petal-like notes and hypnotic instrumentals. Shadi G’s new single is imbued with a renewed sense spirit as she rounds off a year of diverse, yet stunning, music releases.

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