Listening to Samuel Jack is soothing whether he is singing about love or loss. Let it All Out is the more joyful of songs on his latest EP; a real get up and go melody with reflections of gospel and soul. He says it’s a “happy go lucky song” about “togetherness” and saying “it’s ok to make mistakes, be happy.” The video reflects this and is lighthearted and positive, a day spent with his mates in beautiful English countryside steeped in sunshine and lots of colourful balloons. Samuel seems like a relaxed and carefree man so it’s somewhat surprising to hear so much pain and emotion in some of his music. You can just picture him in his caravan in Dorset surrounded by nature and tranquility, writing about his life.

He doesn’t want you to know he is sensitive, but no one could write the kind of music and lyrics he does if they didn’t have a heart and feelings. Of course, I have to mention at this point that he is “rugged and manly,” but no one minds sensitive anyway, do they? And the overall theme of the EP is love, loss, and happiness. Samuel says he writes about personal experiences; “the EP was born through a period in (his) life that wasn’t the most easy“. He is “deeply attached” to all of his songs, they are “pretty heartfelt.” It is a fantastic EP featuring 4 songs which are completely different, but equally as powerful. You can picture some of them in very dramatic scenes in a TV or film which is coincidental as Samuel’s music has recently been featured in some big US TV shows such as Satisfaction, Nashville, About A Boy, and Grimm.

Writing would take shape in some form in Samuel’s career even if he wasn’t a singer. He loves making things, cooking, being creative. Before writing music he wrote comedy for a newspaper in London. And this is what he’s so good at; writing lyrics and melodies that come together and that you don’t easily forget. He draws inspiration from many different things. Traveling and living in South Africa when he was young “shaped (his) musical journey which comes across in (his) music.” His time in Johannesburg introduced him to native, tribal, community songs and gospel. He loves the sound of a choir, a lot of people singing together and is a huge fan of BB King, blues and soul classics. All this is apparent when you listen to ‘Let It All Out.’ in fact, it’s amazing to hear so much personal experience and influence poured into one song.

Plans for next year include his tour which is going really well. “Finishing a bunch of writing which will be an album“, and releasing his next single late January/early February and a video following that. He is looking forward to being back on the road and maybe going to the States, a place which he is very fond of.

Samuel is very ambitious and passionate about what he does. He loves playing shows and connecting with people and an audience. He appreciates “people resonating with what you’re writing.” He got an email recently from a lady who wanted to say thank you as his music really helped with a tough time she was going through and that made his year. That’s why he does it and he does it so exceptionally well.