Sam Opoku's Yellow Burns Bright

She said her favourite colour yellow,” sings Sam Opoku with a beautiful falsetto. Yellow is filled with sunshine via atmosphere-warping R&B and a gliding trap-tinged beat.

The feeling of summer is embodied in Yellow’s meaning. It is told from the viewpoint of a young man who loses his heart to a woman during the summer. However, there is much more to it than that as the woman is not confident with herself as “her heart was broken” from a previous relationship. “It burns in July and it felt like a dream but a dream is the best kinda lie.

Sam Opoku is a Ghanaian-American singer, songwriter, producer, and musician who embodies many feelings in his new single. Yellow’s hook-laden R&B choruses are warm and inviting.

“Yellow is significant in this story because of the two sides it represents; happiness, positivity, energy, optimism and loyalty, on the bright side and cowardice, anxiety, deceit and jealousy on the dull side. The song is a dialogue as well as an ode to the bittersweet nuance of finding and losing love and the elements that linger behind after the flame has burned out.” – Sam Opoku