Premiere: ‘Fairytale’ By Effie

by Lucy Lerner

18th October, 2019

“This ain’t no f*cking fairytale….”

NME’s Emerging Artist 2018, Effie, returns with her latest single ‘Fairytale’ out today. It’s a dreamy R&B affair with sultry tones and syncopated lines with a melody which glides along smoothly. 

The London-based singer-songwriter delivers a song about mistrust and cruel intentions packaged with sugary vocals. She comments on ‘Fairytale’,  “You enter a relationship with an open heart and a certain amount of naivety, that this time will be different,” she continues “but love doesn’t always work out the way we plan.

‘Fairytale’ is an exciting release from Effie who has previously lent her vocals to dance duo Just Kiddin on ‘Body Talk’, as well as writing and performing ‘3 Words’ with FooR.

Find out more about Effie in our exclusive interview.

love doesn’t always work out the way we plan

Who is Effie? 
I guess you could say I’m another “crazy creative.” I always try to speak my truth and want to help others to feel they can speak theirs. I’m a Libra, so I like balance in all areas of my life I’m very chill and defiantly an over thinker! 

Tell me about your new single ‘Fairytale’? 
It’s an honest anthem of realness. It’s kinda smooth and sultry and sits on the more electronic side of my work.

Can you describe your state of mind when you were making the single?
If I’m being real, I was kinda fed up with guys thinking they were the answer and different to others without backing it. So I wanted to translate it the best way I could. 

What message would you like listeners to learn from your music?
I think to always be honest – with yourself and others 

Who were your musical influences while growing up? 
The list is endless, so I’ll list off a few: MJ, Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Chicago, Fleetwood Mac, and The Beatles

Your favorite up and coming music artist is..?  
That’s hard again as there’s so many. Right now, I’m really f*cking with Snoh Aalegra and I love Summer Walker right now.

If you weren’t making music, what else do you think you would be doing? 
A few years ago I worked in elderly care, so I think I would be either be a nurse or a lawyer in another life because I love looking after people and I hate injustice. 

What are the biggest challenges you face in the music industry?I feel like you always wanna be aware of what’s new and exciting as things are so fast-paced while keeping your integrity. 

I also think being a woman in a male-dominated industry has its daily challenges. 

What do you think of the current British R&B soundscape for female artists and where do you think you fit in?
I think we’re in a really exciting time right now where there are so many women killing it in the UK. From Jorja Smith to Mahalia, it’s an inspiring time. I’d like to think I slot in nicely and have a lot to contribute 

What have been your 2019 highlights so far?
Highlight this year were sooooo many to count. But I’d say releasing my first single ‘Worship’ back in February and my trip to LA this release, of course. And being able to work on my project as a whole. 

3 things you cannot live without? 
Friends (tv show) 
And my actual friends/family 

Guilty pleasure/s?
Keeping up with the Kardashians 

What next for Effie?
Continue working on my project and then on to the next. 
Shows next year too, so keep your eyes peeled. 
Got some Col-labs coming too. 

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