Philip Jonathan Releases The Mesmerizing I, Hope

by Lucy Lerner

15th August, 2021

Following his stunning debut release Seafront, Philip Jonathan doesn’t disappoint with his latest single I, Hope. The song draws you in with tender acoustics and an atmospheric backdrop. Layers of harmonies and piano unfurl creating an altogether mesmerizing, intimate and raw exploration of a relationship with disappointment from the perspective of hope.

The idea for this song came after reading The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, which offers insight into our own struggles with our inner demons. I wondered what hope would say to us if it were a person in relationship with us – would it be offering empty or superficial platitudes? Would it be bitter if (and when) we leave it for disappointment? Or would it say something else?”

The Northumberland based artist’s music specialises in moods and nature and a simplistic music video only enhances the various elements he brings to life in the song. 

Philip Jonathan told us exclusively about his second release, “You’ve got to go on a journey with hope. It’s like a relationship with a person. When you love someone and make steps towards them, you also risk the pain of rejection. In the same way, when you journey with hope, you risk disappointment. But continuing to foster hope, through the depths of disappointment, is worth it. It remakes and refines something in us – causing us to overflow into something beautiful. Writing about this relationship from the perspective of Hope, and creating a visual representation of this idea in the video is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now!”

Lyrics are pure poetry and enhance the beauty of I, Hope.

I was found by the river of the damned 
The waters rising, one more minute till I drowned 
The hands that laid me, wrapped me tenderly in white 
Fingers found me, reaching desperately for life

We are excited to watch Philip Jonathan’s musical journey continue to unfold.

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