Evan MyallThe latest offering from California-based Evan Myall is something very different. Often very contemporary, while also managing to tip its hat at the past.

‘Basic Gardening’ is a genuine and surprising EP, full of intrigue and details not seen twice. Like a pleasant journey through a picturesque foreign land that never gets repetitive and offers a few nice, almost on the spot guitar solos full of fluidity and emotion. At times Evan Myall’s guitar sounds like its screaming out, a pained and urgent response to the context of the song structures found within these tracks, and it’s a huge breath of fresh air.

With several other EP’s under his belt, this latest manages to scream experience of a modern-day struggle. Detailing pained unmerciful heartbreak and true desire amongst the scattered optimism of a certain impending doom.
The way the lyrics have been chiselled, and reflect an honest narration of the modern human condition is truly remarkable, with an unrivalled honesty and characterisation not often seen. It is a ray of sunshine amongst the flood of polished and unnecessary tracks from artists of this modern age.

Amongst the cleverly written melodies is a vast ocean of experimentation via his guitar, with some fantastic solo work implemented and woven throughout the six tracks of ‘Basic Gardening’. With a very blues stylisation, it is something different from the typical – as many notes a minute- a formula that is commonplace.
Whilst being sonically different, this fuzzy nonsensical guitar noise is almost ethereal and otherworldly. It is always melodic, however, but somehow manages to add a certain amount of calculated chaos to the story of these tracks.

At times, things do take a step back and slow down. This is when things get truly beautiful and delicate. Almost allowing some exposure on the personal torment the lyrics suggest.

Evan Myall has a fantastic voice which manages to add to the sincerity of the words he has written, soulful and heartfelt, with a hidden power able to show when needed.

Basic Gardening is a brilliant EP, clever and authentic, and well worth checking out.