On-The-Go Releases The Up-Tempo ‘Never Enough’

by Terry Guy

28th November, 2019


Following in the footsteps of ’70s and 80’s Alt-Rock acts such as The Psychedelic Furs and Pete Shelley, On-The-Go has released their latest song ‘Never Enough,’ a track which delivers, possibly, the catchiest guitar riff of the year, with its’ delay, reverb and chorus effects throwing us back to the early career of Folk singer and songwriter Suzanne Vega. Its up-tempo groove will make you dance around the room, the same we all did when we listened to Van Morrison’s classic single ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ for the first time, and ‘Never Enough’s’ repetitive hook will be so infectious you will end up repeating it again and again and again.

All you 90’s kids will want to put on some throwback Goo Goo Dolls after the first listen, and On-The-Go’s lead vocalist may even remind you of the slick, confident singing of Deep Blue Something’s Todd Pipes….remember ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s?’

If you want to hear Indie at its finest, go check out On-The-Go’s ‘Never Enough’.

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