Olive Louise’s ‘Bad Things’ Spins A Dark Tale

by Marcus Adetola

29th February, 2020

Olive Louise's 'Bad Things' Spins A Dark Tale

Olive Louise's 'Bad Things' Spins A Dark Tale

Olive Louise’s ‘Bad Things’ spins a dark tale of her past ordeal with mental health. Seconds into ‘Bad Things’, I found myself enthralled by Olive Louise’s music.

Before I took the time to understand the message in ‘Bad Things’, I was already blown away by her vocal adeptness. The track sounds out like a nursery rhyme. And it is easy to get hooked on every note.

In with the good thoughts
Out with the bad thoughts
Thank you for your money
Life ain’t good, just staying in
Laugh at the same feeling
No one’s really listening

Olive details her experience dealing with mental health and highlights a lack of understanding and sometimes fear in dealing with it.

This song sends a message that people should not battle mental illness in silence, and it promotes understanding and compassion for the situation.

‘Bad Things’ is an authentic piece of songwriting, and it exhibits skills in Olive’s repertoire of talent. Her uncanny storytelling ability is unusual but vivid.

The music video is surrealist and cinematic.

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