Old School, Soulful Hip-Hop Vibes From Radiant Children

by James Stevens

9th August, 2018

Formed in the winter of 2016, the sensational London-based trio of Fabienne Holloway, Marco Bernardis and Tyler Acord aka Lophiile AKA Radiant Children are making a soulful splash in the ocean of Jazz and Hip-Hop.

Fabienne has a delightfully soothing voice, an impressive vocal range and a flow so elegant that Randy Crawford, might appreciate. Like a musical Dr. Seuss, her rhymes string verses together, appealing to a younger audience.

The stirring production Marco & Lophiile deliver appears to be influenced by a traditional, 90s hip-hop baseline as well as the warm, vinyl scratch used by artists such as, Lauryn Hill. Drawing inspiration from artists like George Benson and Stevie Wonder to boldly invent a modern sound with the flavour of the 70s. A creamy smooth combination of piano, bass guitar, tambourine and dreamy ambient sound effects is used to great effect. The mix of styles is exciting, fresh and could breathe new life into the jazz genre.

Poke Bowl is a tranquil, thoughtful journey which sees you nod along to its enchanting, pulsating beat while the lyrics evoke powerful thoughts and memories. The words, “It’s like I’m going through withdrawals, even got the shakes” would strike an all too familiar note with anybody who has ever lost in love. This wistful feeling is echoed by the faint reverberating sound which bounces between the listeners ears, dances on their brain and tickles their soul. The pained theme provides a welcome staccato counterpoint to the silky vocal smoothness.

You can stream ‘Poke Bowl’ here.

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