Nothing Stays The Same Forever. Fabian Releases ‘Kouyou’

by Darrell Smith

21th December, 2018

It feels apt, as the end of 2018 dawns upon us that a track concerning change should surface. Perhaps it is the perfect moment for such a song.

Fabian Luttenberger’s latest track, “Kouyou,” blends aesthetically pleasing synths with sheer and crisp drum loops to deliver a strangely affirming song, while also managing to be full of dubious overtones with the looping vocals. Perhaps this is one of its greatest and most vivid strengths, bringing to the forefront an encapsulating and mesmerising commentary on change. In this case, the transformation of a relationship, while the surroundings stay the same somehow.

Whilst Fabian’s discography is usually full of warmth and intrigue, “Kouyou” is certainly no different, and on multiple listens, the simplicity of the track manages to get under your skin and has the ability to make the listener evaluate situations in their own lives.

While being sophisticated and tremendously full of spirit, “Kouyou” manages to make the listener take a journey, and to take from it the message that even though sometimes something may not feel right in a relationship, everything will be ok.

That is the clever use of electronic instrumentation, implemented well, and used in a way that adds to the track in a meaningful and intelligent way. The juxtaposition of lyrics and instrumentation presents an idea, and as hard as it may be to hear, it’s just the way life sometimes has the habit of not quite going according to plan.
“Kouyou” is the Japanese word for “when the autumn leaves change,” and Fabian perfectly manages to take that idea and use it in the form of a relationship altering.

Sometimes you can’t control it. Sometimes, against all effort put in place relationships crumble. Friendships fall apart, and left behind amongst the smouldering ashes of that relationship, amongst all the broken hopes and dreams, amongst the damaged trust and shattered memories, if you look hard enough are the tools to move forward. You just have to know where to look and how to use what’s left in a positive way.

Everyone who reads this will have lost a significant other. It may have been mutual. It may not have been. Everyone who reads this will have lost a close friend. Even if it just fell apart over time as distance started to brew as life, inevitably does, has the way of getting in the way of things. Sometimes things get frenetic, and close relationships suffer as a result. People grow, and as sure as the wind will rustle through the trees and the autumn leaves will change, nothing stays the same forever.

This track captures this sensibility beautifully, and even though the message in the lyrics may be one of dismay, the electronic synths succeed to give the sensation of positivity in the face of impending doom.

People should take the message of this song to heart and use it as they move into 2019. People should trust that no matter how much you try and keep things the same, things will always change. But maybe by accepting that things will change and going along for the ride and making the most out of the situation, perhaps that change could be a positive thing.

It is almost New Year Resolution time, the definite time to make some positive changes to your lives. Maybe use the meaning of this song, and utilise hindsight to make things better next year. As Fabian writes, “If I knew then..

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