Notelle’s New Single Alive Cuts Like A Knife

by Lucy Lerner

22th April, 2020

Notelle’s new single Alive cuts like a knife. You can expect the dark and the gritty from Notelleand she has the ability to twist pop music into something else entirely. Alive displays mechanical electronic sounds and a swollen, humid darkness. However, tiny shards of light shine through the eerie soundscape in the hook.

“Leave me here to sit in this darkness, I’ll be just fine.”

Alive combines themes of toxic love and how society undermines female emotions. It was inspired by how madness can feel like. The song can make you feel a little mad towards the end with all the interlacing voices, glitchy synths, and heavy instrumentals. It’s American Horror Story captured in a song. Despite this, the irony is that the song itself is quite soothing amongst the feeling of insanity.

There’s noir-pop, then there’s Notelle.

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