‘Mystery’ Is A Fearless New Single From Ava Lake

by Terry Guy

1th November, 2019

New, alternative sensation Ava Lake is creating a new style of baroque-pop with her twisted experimentation of electro and urban genres in her new single’Mystery’…a convenient title for an unusually fearless piece of music.

With her operatic style of singing (which at times is arguably a cross between the deep, melancholic tones of Lana Del Rey and the high-pitched, intensity of Kate Bush) Ava Lake is bound to push boundaries and step onto new territories within both the underground and mainstream music scene.

With singles like ‘Mystery’, it’s obvious that the Chicago-based singer-songwriter wants to throw us into a daring and eccentric world of the arts. And it is also obvious, further to the overuse of tempo and electro music experimentation, that Ava Lake is a curious one, leaving us even more curious as to what she will throw at us next. If you are looking for a schizophrenic piece of synth music…you’ve found it.

Ava’s 6-track EP, ‘The Rise’, is set for release on October 18th.  Give ‘Mystery,’ a listen to – available on all online stores now.

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