Maya Malkin Releases The Dynamic Congratulations

by Lucy Lerner

10th April, 2021

Congratulations to Maya Malkin for releasing a catchy indie-pop song that stands out from the crowd. Congratulations features an acoustic throb with an anthemic chorus, dynamic instrumentals and confident vocals. Malkin discusses themes of a toxic relationship where her boyfriend puts her down, gets jealous, paranoid and in bad moods, “you’re not a good person, do you ever know how to fake a smile?” She sarcastically sings, “congratulations, on being so popular, everyone hates you.”

Image by Mrs Makaveli

You’re a bully with a pretty face
And you love to put me in my place

The Toronto-based music artist has made waves with her indie-pop band Motel Raphaël and last year she released her first solo project, the catchy and upbeat electro-pop jam Hostage. It appears Maya Malkin has honed her talents in deftly crafting memorable pop-based numbers with effervescent melodies.

Congratulations is out now.

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