Matteo Gravante Releases The Intoxicating Hold You Close

by Lucy Lerner

24th December, 2020

Matteo Gravante grabs you from the first note of his intoxicating new single Hold You Close and doesn’t let you go, even long after the song has finished. Somehow it brings all emotions to the surface, pulsating just under the skin. It is beautiful and it is painful, raw and hopeful.

“This song is like fresh air for my soul. I’m reborn.”

Despite having started writing the song in 2019 and finishing it early 2020 before the world exploded, Gravante has managed to capture a range of emotions which resonate with how we all feel, even if he didn’t intend to. The richness of the instrumentals, the atmospheric soundscape, his honest vocals building to a crescendo, incredibly powerful lyrics. It’s all there.

You will find this song creeping into your thoughts unexpectedly, the melody uncoiling and revealing itself. Italian born Matteo Gravante is a relatively new artist but he has certainly captured my attention and I eagerly anticipate his next release.

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